Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. and suppliers contribute $103,500 to Farm & Food Care Ontario

(Wallenstein) July 25, 2017 - Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. (WFS), a feed manufacturing company based in Wallenstein, Ontario, has announced a donation of $103,500 to Farm & Food Care Ontario (FFCO). The announcement was made during the grand opening of the company’s state-of-the-art Mill 4 facility on July 22.

The amount was raised through a combined donation of $53,500 from 60 WFS suppliers, and $50,000 in matching funds from the company. The entire amount will be used to support the fourth edition of The Real Dirt on Farming (RDOF), which will be released later this year.

The Real Dirt on Farming is FFCO’s flagship publication. Available online and in print form, the resource answers common questions about Canadian food and farming, and tackles hot topics like pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs and much more. More than three million copies of the prior three editions of the publication have been distributed across Canada.

Brian Gilroy, Chair of FFCO said, “The significance of this donation can’t be overstated. It’s this kind of support that lets us continue connecting Canadians with farmers – who they are, what they do and why they do it.”

“Wallenstein Feed & Supply has been a long-time member and is a great supporter of ours. Many of their employees have also been actively involved with events and projects for years as well,” says Kelly Daynard, Executive Director for FFCO. “This contribution will help us double our planned reach of the Real Dirt booklet.”

Rick Martin, owner of Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd., says the donation is a critical part of his company’s commitment to telling agriculture’s story, helping build public trust in the work farmers are doing, and engaging Canadians in a conversation around food and farming.

“Wallenstein Feed & Supply believes firmly in the value of The Real Dirt on Farming. It’s the very best-in-class general source of food and farming facts in Canada. We know that the booklet has become a vital resource for earning and improving public trust in food and farming and giving Canadians straight answers on modern agriculture. We are proud to continue supporting it in whatever way we can.”

Farm & Food Care Ontario is a coalition of farmers, agriculture and food partners working together to ensure public trust and confidence in food and farming. For more information visit www.FarmFoodCareON.org.

For more information, please contact:
Kelly Daynard, Executive Director, Farm & Food Care Ontario 519-837-1326, extension 224; kelly@farmfoodcare.org

Brian Gilroy, Chair, Farm & Food Care Ontario 519-270-3032, nighthawkorch@bmts.com

Rick Martin, General Manager, Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. Phone: 519-669-5143, rickmartin@wfs.ca