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Using eggs to  ght disease?
Some fertile chicken eggs (the eggs you eat are not fertile) are speci cally produced to help “hatch” vaccines in Canadian labs for people and animals. Here is a small sampling of the vaccine types produced using this method:
What’s a ruminant?
A ruminant is any hooved animal that digests its food in two steps:  rstly by eating the raw material and regurgitating a semi-digested form known as cud, then eating the cud (a process called ruminating). Ruminants, which include cows, goats, sheep, llamas, bison, buffalo, elk, and deer, each have four compartments in their stomachs (named the rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum) to help them digest their food.
Eastern equine encephalitis
Rabies In uenza
Canine distemper Yellow fever
Mattresses are not just for people. Some
farmers purchase mattresses, made from rubber and other materials, for their cattle to stand and lay down upon (sand and sawdust are also used in this way). Soft, comfortable bedding reduces stress on the animals. A more relaxed animal, after all, is a healthier and more productive animal.
Pro le
Andrew & Laurie Johnson
Four generations of commitment built Andrew and Laurie Johnson’s farm in southeastern Saskatchewan. Together with Andrew’s parents, the couple raise purebred Angus beef cattle and grow oats, barley and alfalfa. Their four children – the  fth generation – also help when not in school. For Andrew, his family’s long connection to the land is what drives him. Working with animals, though, is a close second.
“The cattle and machinery can go, but the land stays. It’s been at the heart of what we do for a long time as we continue to grow and develop it”. (Andrew Johnson)
10 The Real Dirt on Farming
Andrew & Laurie Johnson

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