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Let’s talk crops
Anna Haupt
Quick Fact
Barley, wheat, and oats have been grown in Canada for centuries, and remain signi cant crops to this day.
Courtesy of FFC Saskatchewan
Canadian farms provide a diverse range of crops for domestic and international markets. There are literally hundreds of types of crops being grown in  elds and greenhouses across the country – from grains and pulses to fruits and vegetables, as well as  owers and specialty crops. Here are some basics on the more common ones.
Grains and oilseeds
Canada’s farmers grow a wide and expanding variety of grains and oilseeds, which are crops used to make oil. Corn, soybeans, barley, oats, canola, and wheat (including durum, or the kind used for pasta) are the major ones. Soybeans are found mostly in Ontario, Québec, and Manitoba, although more farmers in Saskatchewan and the Maritimes are also growing these crops. Canola is grown mainly in Western Canada, as are barley, oats, and durum wheat. Other Canadian grains and oilseed crops include:
• Lentils
• Flaxseed
• Mustard
• Canary seed
• Chickpeas
• Sun ower seed • Quinoa
• Peas
Canadian grain and oilseeds are consumed widely throughout the world. A signi cant portion of our oats, for example, are exported to the United States, while Italy imports a lot of Canadian durum wheat. We are also a leader in the production and export of mustard, as well as many, many other crops.
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