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Our food has a story - and it starts with Canadian farms.
One hundred years ago, over half of all Canadians worked on farms. Now that number is less than two per cent of the population. With so few connected to food production, it’s understandable that questions about food and agriculture abound.
Canadian farming has an impressive story to tell. Advances in technology are helping us better manage the environment, while taking better care of our animals and our businesses. Tried-and-true farming practices, in conjunction with a willingness to embrace science, mean that there have never before been so many ways to farm – and eat – sustainably.
All Canadians deserve the opportunity to make informed choices about their food, and to be part of Canada’s farm story. That opportunity, though, requires credible information based on sound science. By introducing you to Canadian farmers – who we are, what we do and why we do it – The Real Dirt on Farming is designed to answer your questions, address concerns, and debunk myths around food and
Farming remains a career and lifestyle founded on the same values held by previous generations. It’s a commitment to the land, to animals, and to good food.
We hope you’ll get to know us –
after all, to know us is to know your food.
Canada’s Farmers

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