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Dwane Morvik
Farmers - the active environmentalists
Carrie Woolley
Farmers understand the importance of healthy soil, water and air: they live where they work, and depend on a healthy environment to grow crops and raise livestock successfully.
Through farm organizations, and on their own, farmers invest in environmental research and help to develop programs to share the latest  ndings. In fact, Canada is a world leader in on-farm environmental programs that contribute to sustainable food production.
The Real Dirt on Farming
Colby Sproat
Crop farming and the environment Variety is the spice of life
As part of sustainable farming, farmers grow a variety of crops and avoid planting
the same crop on the same  eld year after year. This approach is called crop rotation. Because different pests attack different crops, a rotation schedule helps to prevent major build-ups of insect pests or outbreaks of disease. Additionally, since different crops need different nutrients, changing crops each year helps the soil to stay healthy by not draining it of nutrients. On Prince Edward Island, for example, it is now mandatory to have a three-year crop rotation on all farms. The common rotation sequence is: potatoes, then grains (such as wheat or barley), and forages (types of grass).

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