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Derek Van De Walle
Food, farming and the future
Bio what?
A growing sector in Canada is called
the bioeconomy - farmers, processors, researchers, and others, are trying to develop products that will be cheaper, more environmentally sustainable, and lessen dependence on non-renewable resources.
Technology is always changing how Canadian farmers grow food, and how it gets from farm and  eld to our dinner tables. Farming plays
an important role in our daily lives, providing both food and jobs to millions of Canadians across the country, and innovation is making things better, healthier and more sustainable for people, animals and the environment.
City farming
Food is not just grown in the countryside anymore. In some parts of the world, vertical farms are starting to be built in cities to grow vegetables and herbs on the roof tops of skyscrapers, old warehouses, and even shipping containers. In London, England, produce is even being grown underground in an old World War II air raid shelter.87
This new type of indoor farming makes it possible to grow fresh produce in urban areas. Other cities and towns are turning public areas like parks and boulevards into community vegetable gardens, and there are homeowners using their lawns to grow produce. It’s all part of wanting to eat local, and being part of a sustainable food system.
The Real Dirt on Farming
Courtesy of AgInnovation Ontario
Produce growing in a shipping container on an urban vertical farm

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