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Canola Farmer

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Stacey Sagon

Mark and Stacey Sagon and daughters Georgia and Jayla raise beef cattle and grow canola, wheat, barley, oats and pulse crops like peas and lentils on their farm in western Saskatchewan that they bought from Mark’s dad in 2007.

They’re especially enthusiastic about growing canola. “We love the potential of the crop. It responds so well to our farming practices and its quality is amazing,” Stacey said. She added that the crop also continues to get better. In the last ten years, genetic improvements have resulted in higher yields and greater oil content in the seeds.

Stacey feels great pride when she sees canola oil on the shelf of her local grocery store. “There are so many choices in oils and I’m proud that canola oil, which is such a healthy choice, is right there and we’re producing it on our farm.”