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In the far north of Canada where the climate isn’t conducive to growing most crops, especially year round, ColdAcre Food Systems specializes in indoor all-season food production in the Yukon. They grow, harvest, and sell more than 30 varieties of leafy green vegetables, microgreens, edible flowers, herbs and mushrooms all year long. Since opening its second shipping container-style growing facility, ColdAcre provides weekly fresh-harvest products for retail, restaurants, and subscription box clients and are already planning expansion for 2021. “There is an enhanced interest and focus in northern markets around locally grown food,” said Carl Burgess, CEO of ColdAcre.

They also build customized growing systems and offer training to Northern communities and businesses seeking food security options and opportunities, including residential and commercial clients. “The technology changes quickly and soon these advances will help people to grow a broader array of food at a smaller scales. ColdAcre wants to help set families and communities up for success.” said Burgess. He also explained that young people are very interested in the technology and predicts that they will be a driving force behind indoor local food production in the future. It’s harvesting in the north for the north.