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Livestock Transporter

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Sara Crawford

Sara Crawford might not look like what you would picture a livestock transporter to look like and she is used to having people look twice when she steps down out of her purple truck and trailer at a farm, processing plant or truck stop. She’s been driving livestock trucks and trailers since she was 18 years old (the age when she could get her AZ licence), bought her first truck three years ago and now travels across Canada and the USA taking pigs and other animals to their destinations. Growing up, she wanted to be a heavy diesel mechanic but said that she was also curious about what it would be like to drive the trucks she was learning to fix in a high school co-op course. She took a course and knew she had found her career.

As a livestock transporter specializing in getting pigs from farms to market, Crawford and her colleagues must also be certified under the Transport Quality Assurance® program. The program helps transporters, farmers and handlers understand how to handle, move and transport pigs. Crawford is convinced that her colleagues are among the best truck drivers on the roads. Said Crawford, “Livestock truckers have got to be great drivers because we’re carrying live animals who need to arrive at their final destination in good shape”.