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Product Development Specialist

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Luci Faas

Before moving to Ontario in 2008, Luci Faas lived and worked in many different places, including Japan and the USA. Luci studied environmental education in university and has carried that passion into her work as a Product Development Specialist with Nature Fresh Farms, a large greenhouse near Leamington, Ontario. “Environmental stewardship can be personal,” said Luci, and that “making small choices in your daily life that are more sustainable can make a big impact.” That’s why developing a newly launched 100% Home Compostable Cucumber Wrap has been such a passion project for her. The compostable wrap both prolongs the shelf life of the cucumbers, while reducing harmful plastic waste; it was recently announced as a finalist for The Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s 2020 Innovation Awards.

Luci enjoys the unique challenge of collaborating with many other departments including marketing, operations and quality assurance to research and test new packaging concepts, with a special focus on finding more sustainable options. “It’s rewarding to find a solution that is environmentally-friendly, and that doesn’t compromise the quality or become too costly for the consumer.”