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Hailey and Cale Jeffries

High school sweethearts Hailey and Cale Jeffries are farmers and entrepreneurs. Together, they’re behind the Prairie Fava business.

In 2015, they moved home to Glenboro, Manitoba, so Cale could take over his fifth-generation family seed farm, Jeffries Seeds. Hailey left behind a fast-paced corporate sales and marketing job, and was unsure how to apply that spirit to their new life.

After Hailey’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, she found a renewed interest in health and healthy food in particular. With the family seed business, and Hailey’s marketing know-how, she saw the perfect opportunity to address the growing consumer demand for plant-based proteins. In 2015, they established Prairie Fava and began processing fava beans two years later.

Fava beans are very neutral tasting, making them a versatile option to enhance the protein and fibre content of everyday foods without adversely affecting the taste, colour or aroma. Fava flour is also a Canadian-grown, higher protein alternative for gluten-free flour substitutes.

They now ship whole and split beans, as well as flour, across North America and to Japan, Vietnam and Belgium. Prairie Fava recently received the Start-Up of the Year Award at the 2019 Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Business Awards.