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Senior Hardware and Software Developer

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Idris Soule
Idris Soule

“The intersection between farming and technology is a no-brainer.”

With experience working for tech-giants like Google and Blackberry, Idris Soule never imaged that he would work in agriculture. But that changed in 2017 when he joined Transport Genie, and helped to develop a real-time tracking system that protects farm animals’ health during transport.

It’s all about “transparency and accountability along the supply chain,” says Idris. “It’s gratifying to help give Canadians and people throughout the world the assurance that their food is safe and meets the highest standards of animal health and welfare.”

To anyone considering a career in agri-tech, Soule says “The world is changing quickly, and the tech sector is leading the charge. Agri-tech has the opportunity to transform the food system by bridging the gap between tried-and-true farming practices and technology to benefit all stakeholders, including farmers and consumers.”