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Our food has a story and it starts with Canadian farms.
We’ve heard from Canadians across the country that they want to know more about food production. We have also heard what’s important
to you when it comes to the food you eat: topics like food safety, the environment, and the humane treatment of farm animals.
Food is connected to many of the big issues facing our society, from the cost of living and energy, to climate change, and health care.
In this publication, we’re tackling those issues head-on to answer your questions, and to show you what we are doing to feed you safely, nutritiously, and sustainably.
You’ll notice a particular focus on science. COVID-19 changed our world, and we learned  rst-hand how important it is to have science available to guide decision-making, and to make sure that things are done safely.
It’s no different when we’re producing food. As farmers, we’re the ones growing crops and raising livestock every day, but we know that we need the advice of experts in  elds like animal welfare, pesticide use, and food safety, so that we can make the best possible decisions on our farms to produce the best food possible.
Canadian farming has an impressive story to tell, and we’re pleased that you’re interested to hear it.
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