The Real Dirt on Farming

We hope you've had the opportunity to visit a local fair, farmers' market, roadside stand or pick-your-own farm recently. These are among the too-few opportunities that we, as Canadian farmers, have to meet you, our consumers, face to face.

Usually there's a crowd of people between us – food processors, distributors, supermarket managers and restaurateurs – so it's not easy for us to get acquainted.

It seems incredible that a century ago, over half of Canada's population was farmers. Today, Canada has a population of about 35 million, but less than 730,000 farmers. Naturally, that means many of you might not know a farmer and, as such, may have a few questions about where your food comes from.

Have you ever wondered how your fruit was grown, pondered on the origins of that loaf of bread, or mused about the environmental footprint of meat production? If so, then check out The Real Dirt on Farming –a publication that helps to explain the intricacies of Canadian food and farming.

The Real Dirt on Farming is designed to connect you with the food you eat, and introduce you to some of Canada's farm families. This booklet provides basic facts on topics such as the difference between growing crops conventionally and organically, pesticide use, animal housing and animal welfare, environmental sustainability, technology used in farming as well as many other subjects that you have indicated are important to you. The goal of this book is to help you make informed decisions about the food you're serving your family.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about us and how we grow your food and, most importantly, thank you for buying our products. We truly appreciate it. By reading this booklet, you'll get the "Real Dirt" on food and farming in Canada.


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