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The bottom line: feeding Canadians sustainably

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The bottom line: feeding Canadians sustainably

Farms are bigger today than even 20 years ago, and farmers have access to more tools and technologies than ever before to help them with their work, and to do it in ways that are better for animals, plants, people, and the planet.

Here are some examples:


Digital sensors can let a farmer know if an animal is sick even before it shows any symptoms, which means that the farmer can take steps to prevent disease instead of having to help a sick animal get better.

man in tractor

Tractor-mounted cameras can help farmers predict when their crop will be ready for harvest, and how big that harvest will be, which ultimately means less food is wasted.


Special soil analyses can help farmers pinpoint exactly how much fertilizer they need to apply in different areas of a field, so that they’re only giving the soil and the crops the exact nutrients
needed to thrive.

This work is all part of what farmers do to feed Canadians sustainably – making sure we have enough food while also reducing impacts on the environment, and ensuring that farms are both socially responsible, and earning enough money to stay in business.