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Peta Gay Bennett

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Peta Gay Bennett – Seasonal Agricultural Worker

Working in Canada to support her family

Peta Gay Bennett has been coming to Canada from Jamaica for about five years now through the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program. She first started in Nova Scotia in 2019 before moving to Ontario. She grades and packs asparagus. She said that she came to Canada to make a better life for herself and her family. “I have two kids. They’re back home with their grandma, their father and aunties. My daughter is five and my son is two. It’s hard to leave them when they’re this young still.“ Daily, she communicates with her family by video calls. When asked what she’d like Canadians to  know about her and her coworkers, Bennett said, “Canadians should know that we’re hard working people. We’re definitely hard working. Once we put our mind to something, we definitely can do it.